Smoothie and Deli

Plant-based Smoothie
・apple ’n greens™
・peach perfection™
・amazing greens®
(medium ¥690 small ¥610 large ¥740)

Plant-based Latte 
・soy latte
・oat milk latte
・almond milk latte
(small ¥460  medium ¥510 large ¥570)

Delis etc.

JREast Japan Tokyo Station 1F outside of the ticket gate.(Near the Marunouchi underground ticket gate)

8 a.m. to 10 p.m.(Sunday and the last holiday of consecutive holidays:close at 9 p.m.)

You can enjoy vegan smoothies without artificial sweetener or synthetic colorant. Some vegan delis are available.

Area: Tokyo , Chiyoda Ward
last updated 2021, October 29th


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