Product Description

Taiwanese cuisine ※Reservation only

An authentic vegan and vegetarian Taiwanese restaurant. The owner, who hails from Taiwan, serves up refined cuisine for special occasions.
Using organic vegetables grown in Shiga Prefecture, with handpicked Taiwanese seasonings and Chinese herbs, Nyurinen offers a Taiwanese spin on familiar Japanese dishes, while celebrating the flavors of the ingredients. Plated delicately on Shigaraki stoneware, this heartwarming kaiseki cuisine is filled with the owner’s passion for healthy eating.
Enjoy your meal in a tranquil private room, and replenish your soul with this gourmet experience.

Approximately 26 minutes walk from Tehara Station
Approximately 1 minute walk from Teisan Konan Kotsu Bus “Ritto Sports Park”

Lunch: 11am to 2pm (LO 1:40pm)
Dinner: 6pm to 9pm(LO 8:40pm)
Closed: Irregular holidays