hagukumu KOHAN


Product Description

Organic food
Healthy, delicious food. Conversations that create new realizations and discoveries. Quiet time to reflect on the wishes deep inside ourselves. And, workshops to refine our interests and abilities. kohan wants to be a community space, making our lives more colorful through rich relationships nurtured by Food + Learning + Discussion.

Vegan cutlet plate, taco rice and donuts. They also have a drink menu with items like coffee, juice, soymilk hot chocolate, and beer.

1 minute walk from the Keio line Higashi-Matsubara Station
3 minutes walk from Hanegi Park

Morning: 8am to 10am (Irregularly open on Fridays and Sundays)
Lunch/Cafe: 12pm to 6pm
Community dinner: 7pm to 9pm (once per month, requires reservation)

Last updated: 2023 October 27