ikuri café


Product Description


A cafe to maintain the health of your body, skin, and hair and enhance your natural healing power.
It is attached to Lu Cocon ikuri, a completely private natural beauty salon and total beauty salon for mind and body in a house surrounded by nature.

We offer whole, plant-based meals that are not refined or processed. In addition to salads and drinks, they have recently added vegan burgers.

<Menu example>
Energy Plant-Based Whole Food Salad
Plant-based soy meat burger
Plant-based salad + (100% soba or 100% brown rice noodles)
Ikuri special chewy brown rice rice ball
Nourishing vegetable soup (daily)

Various Options:
From Kitaoji Station, take the North 3 city bus and get off at the “Kamigamo Misonobashi” bus stop, then a 20 minute walk
From Kitaoji, take the 37 city bus and get off at “Kamogawa Chugaku-mae”, then a 2 minute walk
From Kyoto Station, take the 9 city bus and get off at “Kamogawa Chugaku-mae”, then a 2 minute walk
20 minute walk from the Kitayama Station
Parking: four spaces in front of the cafe, three spaces in the second parking lot

Closed: Tuesdays, and 2nd, 4th, and 5th Wednesdays
Open for appointments: 9AM – 5PM

Area: Kyoto

Last Updated: 19/2/24