Vegan Izakaya Masaka

Vegan Izakaya Masaka


Product Description

A cozy, completely vegan izakaya in the basement of Shibuya Parco. They specialise in karaage, and have many sauce flavors to choose from. Delicious izakaya food that both vegans and nonvegans will love. They also have options that do not use the five pungent roots, for practicing Buddhists.

For lunch, they offer set meals with karaage and gyoza, paired with salad, soup, and rice.
For dinner, they offer an a la carte menu of various mains and entrees such as karaage, gyoza, mabo-tofu, noodles, salad, oden, and fries. Their freshly-squeezed fruit sours are a popular item.

6 minutes walk from Shibuya Station, exit A2 and A3, on JR, Tokyo Metro, Keio, Den-en-toshi and Toyoko lines.
In the basement floor of Shibuya Parco.

Lunch: 12pm to 3pm
Dinner: 3pm to 10pm

Last updated: 2023 November 17