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Product Description

Our bodies are built from food. This is the material that forms your being. Puka Organics believes if we prepare meals while wishing the eater good health, that the love from our fresh, love-filled ingredients will reach them as well. Apparently, having a good time with a good meal boosts nutrient absorption. So, when you eat, choose something that brings joy to the body and spirit. Puka Organics makes sure to prepare meals that not only do we want to eat, but we want children, friends, and loved ones to eat. We hope the careful attention paid to our food will encourage customers to become even just a little more conscious about our collective health and environment, and our children’s future.

​Puka Organics believes that eating seasonal foods is one of the keys to living every day in good health. Seasonal ingredients are grown in conditions best-suited to them, so they’re not only high in nutrients, but also boost the immune system and maintain our physical health. During the hot summer, we serve raw veggies to cool you down, and in cold winters we heat them through to keep you warm. Borrowing ancient knowledge, we go back to the basics of food. This is the way of eating that Puka Organics aims for.

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A sandwich cafe that centers pesticide-free veggies and safe ingredients. Inside, we offer eat-in authentic Chinese congee and dim sum in winter, and Japanese meal sets in other seasons. Sandwiches and bentos can be ordered as take-out. Please request us for local catering, party plates, and the like. An expansive menu featuring Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine. For vegan accommodation, please ask. Tuesday to Friday, lunch only.

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