tofu room Dy’s

tofu room Dy’s


Product Description

Tofu dishes
A tofu specialty store. Completely vegetarian with many vegan options.

<Menu> Lots of vegan options
Tofu sandwiches, desserts and cafe drinks.
They have a take-out menu with gan-modoki, tofu-don, bagels, cakes and others.

6 minutes walk from Sendagi Station
7 minutes walk from Nezu Station
9 minutes walk from Tōdai-mae Station

Eat-in: 11:30 am to around 4:00 pm (lunch served until 2:30 pm)
*Food often sells out within lunchtime
Shop: 11:30 am to 7:00 pm
*May close early if stock runs out

Last updated: 2023 November 6