[airKitchen Cooking Class] Vegan Dandan Ramen and Vegan Gyoza

[airKitchen Cooking Class] Vegan Dandan Ramen and Vegan Gyoza


Product Description

This listing is a vegan airKitchen cooking class.

airKitchen provides foreign travelers with a chance to visit ordinary Japanese family homes to cook and eat home-cooked meals together with local hosts.

Cooking Class Menu

Dandan Ramen using only plant-based ingredients (Vegan Dandan Ramen)
Japanese Dandan Ramen is typically a thick sesame-based soup. In this class, you’ll make a sesame-based soup made from kombu kelp, shiitake mushrooms and sautéed vegetables. You can adding toppings you like on your Dandan Ramen such as meat miso (using soy meat) and vegetables.
Japanese Gyoza using only plant-based ingredients (Vegan Gyoza)
airKitchen host Kayo’s gyoza is made by wrapping the gyoza fillings made from tofu, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, and quinoa and steaming them.
Gyoza sauce
You’ll make a gyoza sauce with miso.

Cooking Class Information

From the host: “In this cooking class, you will  make Dandan Ramen and gyoza. I actually get you to cut and sauté. Let’s make gyoza fillings and wrap them together. I will introduce you Japanese ingredients and cooking tools. I will follow you to the end :)”

About the Host: Kayo

“Hello everyone. I’m Kayo. The mother of three kids. I enjoy making meals and lunch boxes for them everyday. I try to make Japanese cuisine for their health and growth. I love making and eating Japanese cuisine (Washoku) and sweet(Wagashi). I experienced living abroad in 2018, and I learned about different food styles such as vegan, vegetarian, and halal. I was surprised that the food diversity is very natural overseas. After returning to Japan, I received a lecture from BentoYa Cooking (Japanese cooking association for vegan and vegetarian), and certified as an instructor. I want to pass on Japanese cuisine that can accommodate the food diversity. My cooking class is held at home. Children are also welcome. there’s a Japanese-style room, so if you wish, you can dine in Japanese style. Let’s enjoy cooking together :)”


  • Address listed is not the exact location of the cooking class. It is the nearest station to the cooking class location where the host can pick you up. After your booking is confirmed, the exact address will be shared with you.
  • This class takes place in the host’s home.
  • Maximum Capacity: 4
  • Class Duration: 2.5 hours



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