About this site “Japan VegeMap”

This website introduces restaurants and shops that cater to vegetarian and vegan requirements, in the form of a map.
It is available in both Japanese and English. Stores can register and edit information by registering as a user.
By registering, users can create lists of favourites and update listing information.

Currently posted information regards restaurants and shops, but future posts are planned to also include lodgings that cater to vegetarians and vegans, along with the introduction of supermarkets where vegetarian- and vegan-friendly products can be found.

【Please Note】

Information is updated as often as possible, but please note that it may not always be up to date. If you notice any information that needs correcting, please click the “Correction Suggestion” button on the given store page and inform us of the correct information.

・ The definition of vegetarian vegan on this site is as follows.

Vegetarian: Ingredients and raw materials do not include meat or seafood or derivatives thereof.
Vegan: Ingredients and raw materials do not include meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products or honey, etc.

Please contact individual stores for more detailed information.

Run by: VegeProject Japan

Reproduction on this site’s contents is prohibited.