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Veg*an in Japan / F.A.Q

Introduction and disclaimer :

First draft/ to be completed.
This quick guide is gathering essential informations to avoid animal related product in Japan. Nevertheless, the official rules about package labeling are not that perfect, and some risks are existing :
– contamination,
– some extract (chicken, beef and especially japanese traditionnal broth “dashi” based on fish)
– shortening, emulsifier could have animal origin. The only way to be sure it’s not the case is to contact the manufacturer.
– To make it whiter the sugar could be bone-char processed. The only way to be sure it’s not the case is to contact the manufacturer.
– Pork could be used for packaging itself. The only way to be sure it’s not the case is to contact the manufacturer.

If you want to be 100% sure to eating a vegan product, go to 100% Vegan restaurants, or buy labeled Vegan product, otherwise you have to accept that there is a limited risk to eat animal product on a vegan lookalike product.

1/ How to order a Vegan menu in a restaurant.

“Vegan menu please.
I don’t eat meat, seafood, eggs, milk or honey.”

2/ How to order a Vegetarian menu in a restaurant

“Vegetarian menu please.
I don’t eat meat, seafood.”

3/ Kanjis and Glossary

Niku / Meat ・ Flesh
ベーフ – 牛肉Bēfu – gyūniku / Beef


ポーク – 豚肉Pōku – butaniku / Pork


馬肉baniku / Horse meat


ラム – 羊肉ramu – yōniku / Lamb – Sheep meat


チキン – 鳥肉chikin – toriniku / Chiken


sakana / Fish


kai / Shellfish


エビebi / Shrimp


蜂蜜 – はちみつhachimitsu / Honey


かつおkatsuo / Skipjack Tuna


XXXエキスXXX ekisu / XXX Extract


tamago / Egg


miluku – XXX late – XXX ole – gyūnyū


– nyūseihin / Milk – XXXLatte (Cafe Latte) – XXX au lait (Cafe Latte / Café au lait) – Cow’s Milk – Dairy products”


蜂蜜 – はちみつhachimitsu / Honey


大豆肉daizu niku / Soy Meat


豆腐tōfu / Tofu


ソイsoi / Soy


豆乳soimiluku / Soy Milk


soimiluku – āmondomiluku – kokonattsumiluku – ōtsudorinku / Soy Milk – Almond Milk – Coconut Milk – Oat Milk”

4/ Where to buy Vegan products

“We are happy to share that a 100% Vegan Brick and mortar shop has opened in Tokyo on December 2019.
Accurately named “Vegan Store”” you can find fresh, dry and frozen products being sure it’s 100% vegan.
You can find some Vegan and Vegetarian product in Natural and Organic shop like “Natural House”, “Bio c bon” and some restaurants vege restaurants related are proposing a more or less deep shop part.
We have seen more and more VegeProject Vegan labeled product in main normal store.

Some people ask where to find accessible beans and grains,
If you are around Tokyo, Ameyokocho is a pretty good spot for dry grains.
All over Japan, “Gyoumo Super” could help you to find westerns cans for beans, lentils and chickpeas.

Soon, the map will display a shop section, stay tuned!
If you have a vegan shop or if you find a vegan shop in Japan, please contact us to add the address to our map!