Deli & Cafe Blue Globe Tokyo

Deli & Cafe Blue Globe Tokyo


Product Description

A cafe which you can choose your favorite deli and grass sweet. Take-out and delivery is available.

・Seasons Vegan Plant-based ¥600

・Organic Citrus yuko of Tokushima and soy meat with〈PERFECT EARTH〉rice pasta~coriander&basil’s green souce~¥600

・Access:1 minute walk from「Omotesando」train station (each train line)

This shop always offers more than 35 kinds of menus such as Deli・Grass sweet・Boulangerie・Cafe. You can enjoy various options including seasonal menus.

There is a spacious open space for eat-in beside take-out, delivery and online option.

【Last updated:2020/12/07】