Ejima Shokudo


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Takeout Falafel Sandwiches


  • Falafel Sandwiches : 880yen
  • Falafel Sandwiches+Home Roasted Coffee : 1180yen
  • Falafel Sandwiches+this week’s Soup : 1300yen-
  • Baked Sweets : 250yen-


Two minutes walk from Togoshikoen Station.

Take out only, falafel sandwiches’ cafe. You can enjoy different ingredients of falafel sandwiches each time. You will be satisfied with its sweetness, hot tastes, and sour flavor, and its crispy and flaky texture.


Until the before day of your visit : DM
The day of visiting : Call (10:30-)

Open hour appears on its SNS.

last updated 2021/5/3


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