Shojin cafe foi johoku branch

Shojin cafe foi johoku branch


Product Description

Buddhist Cuisine/Shojin ryori

【Vegan menu】(partly)

・Medicinal hot pot

・Soymilk Chanpon


7 minutes’ walk from Wakayama-shi station of JR Kisei main line


You can enjoy Buddhist cuisine without five pungent roots vegetables here, “Shojin cafe foi”.

In this cafe, an original Buddhist cuisine or shojin ryori which is gentle to your body is served.

You can taste medicinal hot pot or soymilk Chanpon at the johoku branch, and the detail of the menu is available by an inquiry.

While daily products and eggs are partly used for the dishes, they could meet vegan need upon your request.

It also seems interesting to visit another branch named “Shintori branch” located in the same city.

Please check the opening hours on its website.

【Last updated: 2020/11/25】


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