Brown rice Italian restaurant

Vegan plate

When you think about your body carefully, you should have something that is natural and gentle.
FANCL Brown Rice Mills From such a wish, gluten-free Thorough pursuit of authentic “brown rice Italian”.
It leads to beauty and health, Please enjoy her time filled with deliciousness to your heart.

Lunch time 11: 30am-4: 00pm (3:30pm LO)
Cafe time 2:00pm-4: 00pm (3:30pm LO)
Dinner time (weekdays) 5: 00pm-10: 00pm (9: 00pm LO)
Dinner time (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 5: 00pm-9: 00om (8:00pm LO)

Area: Tokyo, Chuo, Ginza
【Last updated: 2021/10/30】


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