All Vegan ¥270.00 - ¥4,104.00

(V)Soy Stories


All of our SOY sweets are 100% plant-based and gluten-free.
They are free of milk, eggs, wheat, and white sugar, so they can be enjoyed by allergy sufferers, vegans, and vegetarians.

All of our sweets are blended with a generous amount of the highest quality, thickest soy milk, which is pressed every morning at Araki Tofu Shop, a famous tofu store in Fukuoka.
The soybeans are 100% Kyushu-grown Fukuyutaka. In addition to soy milk, tofu and okara are also used.

It is rich in isoflavone, soy protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, and has no cholesterol. It also contains a good balance of other nutrients such as lecithin, saponin, and oligosaccharides, all of which are important for maintaining good health.

In addition to the healthy ingredients, our sweets are also highly regarded for their delicious taste.
For Valentine’s Day 2022, we will participate in the Salon du Chocolat, the pinnacle of chocolat events in Japan. We received the support of many customers on the same stage as the world’s renowned chocolat brands.

We hope you will enjoy a “moment of refreshing rest” with our signature SOY sweets.

Area: Fukuoka
Last updated: 2022/12/21


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