Bentō box store

<Menu Information>

Completely vegan and oriental vegetarian. Their bentō boxes are piled high with vegetables and vegan meats like kara age and hamburgers. One bentō box is typically around 600 yen.

<Access Information>

13 minute walk from Tsukuba Station.
Parking lot fits up to five cars.

If you are in the Tsukuba City area, you can order your bentō to be delivered at this link.

<Store Information>

Kōshiki Sabō serves vegetarian food for the Tsukuba City, Ibaragi Prefecture area through their restaurant and bentō service. All of their dishes are vegan, Halal, and contain no root vegetables. Their motto is to make food your medicine.

20% off on all lunch boxes every Monday (for Meat-Free-Monday)

(Open Hours) 10:00~18:00

(Closed) Sunday

Last Updated:6/24/21


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