【Vegan menu (partly)】

・Ripple Cheese burger ¥1650

・Heavenly Pancake¥1650


3 minutes’ walk from “Kyoto Kawaramachi” station of Hankyu Kyoto line

This is the Kyoto branch of “AIN SOPH”, a vegan café that runs three stores in Tokyo.  

Located in the centre of Kyoto or Shijo-kawaramachi area, this small café has a stylish atmosphere as one of its charms.

As a burger and plate menu for lunch/dinner and pancake and parfait for café time/dessert, the abundance of menu is another great point.  

Don’t miss Kyoto-branch limited dishes that sometimes appear on the menu! 

“AIN SOPH. JOURNEY KYOTO” is loved by a lot of people regardless of nationality. 

How about paying a visit there when you come to Kyoto next time? 

For more information, please check out its website.  

【Last update: 2021/8/7】


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