Natural Food

【Vegan menu】(partly)

・Morning Plate (with today’s coffee) ¥600
・Today’s Lunch Course  ¥1800


21 minutes from Maizuru Oe IC (by car)

The cafe “CLOUD 8” is located inside a rural village in Maizuru city, a northern part of Kyoto.
There, if the weather permits, you can see clouds below and shining stars in the night sky.
They serve Lunch Course including appetizer, main dish, mini-dessert and drink through a year, which requires you to get reservation at least two days before.
How about refreshing your mind and body with foods tasted in front of the great nature?
Please check out its website for the opening hours.

Area: Kyoto, Maizuru

【Last update: 2021/6/25】


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