(V) Sosyoku Cafe Ren Ginkakuji branch

Kyoto, Sakyo-ku, Jodoji Nishida-cho, 115-15

If you’d like to enjoy your meal in a Kyoto-style old house with feeling relaxed, visit “Sosyoku Cafe Ren Ginkakuji branch”.

This cafe is just a ten minutes’ walk from Ginkakuji-temple, and here you can enjoy food made based on shojin ryori or Buddhist cuisine of Taiwan.

All dishes on the menu do not include five pungent roots, nor animal products.

You should try the soup made of more than 15 herbal medicines which gets yourself into better condition.

As for the opening hours, please check out its website.

Area: Kyoto

【Last updated: 2021/6/28】


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