(V) Sosyoku Cafe Ren Horikawa shopping street branch

Kyoto, Kamigyo-ku, Masuyacho 1, Horikawa Shimochoja-dori kudaru

If you wish to try a variety of vegan foods little by little, visit “Sosyoku Cafe Ren Horikawa shopping street branch”.

All foods that you can enjoy here are free from animal products and made based on Taiwanese vegetarian cuisine.

The menu has a variety such as Vegan Takoyaki, Soymilk ice cream, and Dumplings, which reflects a wish of the owner who wants customers to enjoy several kinds of food as if here is a “food stand”.

You may visit here for having some snacks too.

Please check the opening hours on its website.

Area: Kyoto

【Last updated: 2021/6/28】


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