(V) Sosyoku Cafe Ren Shijo Omiya branch

Kyoto, Nakagyo-ku, Mibubojo-cho, 12-7

How about trying physically and mentally healthy shojin ryori or Buddhist cuisine at “Sosyoku Cafe Ren Shijo Omiya branch”?

Located near Omiya station of Hankyu Kyoto Line, this restaurant/cafe offers vegetarian meals without using animal ingredients and five pungent roots vegetables.

What they cherish is to cook dishes which are gentle to one’s body, for instance by mainly using pesticide-free vegetables grown by themselves or ones grown with natural farming and by using made-in-Japan soymilk and rice bran oil.

You can have a variety of vegan food here such as curry, ramen, soy-meat cutlet rice bowl and cake.

You should try herbal soup for detox too!

Please check the opening hours on its website.

Area: Kyoto

【Last updated: 2021/6/28】


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