Vegetable dishes/Cafe

【Vegan menu (partly)】

・VEG OUT Plate ¥1600
・Tomato Coconuts Curry ¥1000
・Raw Cake ¥550


10 minutes’ walk from JR Kyoto station


You can enjoy vegan foods with a peaceful view of Kamo river at this restaurant/café “Veg Out”.

Looking at this scene and listening to the sound of a record played inside, you must become relaxed, naturally.

One of the dishes available during the lunch time is “VEG OUT Plate”, a colourful one-plate lunch with seasonal vegetables grown in the suburbs of Kyoto.

It sounds great as well to taste the vegan sweets and coffee particularly offered under the concept of “good coffee for daily life”.

For more information, please check out its website.

【Last updated: 2021/1/9】


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