Bakery, café

【Vegan menu (partly)】
・Caramel walnut bagel ¥200
・Plant-based burger ¥580

Nearby “Kawaramachi Marutamachi” bus stop of Kyoto City Bus

From bagels to sandwiches, you must feel like trying a variety of food available at “KAMOGAWA BAKERY”, which opened in October 2020.

About 80% of the total items sold here is vegan!
One of them “New White Bread” is what is ideal for those who cannot eat white bread usually.
For the bagels, you have a bunch of options and it’s fun to see the variation changing along with seasons.
You can spend relaxing café time on the 2nd floor too.

Locating near a symbol of Kyoto, Kamo River, KAMOGAWA BAKERY will make you want to visit more than one time.

For more information, please check out its website.

Area:Kyoyo, Kamo-river
Last updated:2021/8/11


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