Vegan menu (partly)】

Lunch set ¥1400

・Vegan fried “fish” patty burger
・Vegan tempeh patty burger
・Vegan curry

Dinner menu

・Vegan fried “fish” with salsa ¥700
・Deep fried beets and vegan cheese with Hummus ¥1000


・5-minutes walk from Gate 1 of Nijojomae station
・10-minutes walk from Gate 3 of Omiya station
・14-minutes walk from East Gate of JR Nijojo station
・1-minute walk from Horikawa-Sanjo bus stop (Kyoto city bus #9/#12/#50 Line)

It’s a restaurant that you can have many kinds of delicious vegan burgers, pizzas, and bowls. Out of many dessert options, ice cream is a must-eat!

【Last updated:2020/12/1】


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