Japanese Food 

【Vegan menu (partly)】

・Lunch Time Course (including dessert and drink) ¥2000 ~


5 minutes’ walk from “Jiyugaoka Station” of Tokyu Corporation 

“Saido” was chosen as the best restaurant in the world on a worldwide website for vegetarian/vegan Happy Cow. 

Its foods created by Chef Kusumoto are specially decorated to entertain customers in terms of not only taste but also representation. 

Like “Three Colour Rice Bowl” and “Unaju”, you  must doubt that the menus are all vegan, after looking at and even eating them.  

You can visit here for various occasions from lunch, cafe to dinner. 

It seems perfect to take your friends who have not experienced vegan before.

In search of new discovery, how about paying a visit to “Saido” in Jiyugaoka?

For more information, please check out its website. 

Area: Jiyugaoka

【Last update: 2021/7/12】


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