Taiwanese cafe

Quotes from the official site:
Rengetsutei, a Taiwanese teahouse, specializes in natural tea with eco-friendly sourcing. The Taiwanese are known for their hospitality, so will our teahouse, which offers eco-friendly vegan cuisines and desserts. Here, you will be able to enjoy natural tea, blended tea, tea dessert, and various Taiwanese cuisine, which are all lovingly developed by the owner and the employees. We sincerely welcome you to taste the authentic Taiwanese flavour.

Our tea desserts include tofu pudding, vegan cashew cheese cake, and pineapple cake.

Our vegan cuisines include braised veggie pork on rice ( two options of ovo-lacto vegetarian and vegan), Taiwanese sticky rice, and turnip cake.

All menu will vary by season. Visit Rengetsutei to taste our special vegan cuisines.

Aria: Tokyo, Meguro, Jiyugaoka

Last updated: 2021/11/25


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