The fusion of French and Japanese original dish

It has VEGAN/VEGETARIAN courses.
Reservation required.

(quoted from the official website, translated by Vegeproject)
“There are many “flexitarians” who are quasi-vegetarians for reasons of nutritional balance and environmental concerns.
The term “flexitarian” was coined by combining the words “flexible” and “vegetarian” and was chosen as a buzzword in the United States. To put it simply, they eat meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs in their daily diet, but sometimes they decide to go vegan and eat only vegetables.
Many people think that if you didn’t use animal products, it wouldn’t taste good. However, Le Japon’s vegan menu overturns such “dogma” and focuses on a valuable soup stock that maximizes the taste of vegetables and adds the flavor of kelp.
The chef’s business trip to the UK as part of his consulting work on kombu led him to research and create a vegan menu using kombu dashi, and in 2019 he launched a vegan course. Even those who are not vegetarians can enjoy this menu.”

Area:Tokyo, Shibuya
Last updated:2021/8/11


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