Sweets & cafe

【Vegan menu】(partly)

・Donuts made out of brown rice ¥190〜
・A piece of cake made out of tofu ¥520 (whole size ¥3980~)

Cafe menu

・Crepes made out of rice flour ¥550〜
・Soy-chino(Frappuccino made out of soy milk)¥450〜


Transfer Enshu railway at JR Hamamatsu station to go to Hamakita station

5-minutes walk from Hamakita station

This is Sweets shop & Café whose theme is Guilt-Free.
1. Sweet
There are variety of sweets, such as cookies, scones, and muffins
2. Birthday cake
The cake which is unused eggs, milk, and white-sugar.
3. Café

【Last updated: 2020/12/06】


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