Peace Cafe is the number one cafe in Hawaii chosen by Japanese people, and has continually received high acclaim such as in local gourmet magazines. The first Japanese location will open as “Peace Cafe Hawaii (Deli)” on November 1st (Fri) in the Tokyu Food Show EDGE on the 2nd floor underground at Shibuya Scramble Square Shops & Restaurants Area.

Peace Cafe was founded in 2010 as the first vegan cafe in Hawaii. In addition to not using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and additives based on the motto of food safety, the cafe provides healthy food using carefully selected Hawaiian grown fresh organic vegetables to contribute to the health of the people in Hawaii. This cafe is very popular locally in Hawaii and has won numerous awards such as local gourmet magazines. It also took first place in the cafe category of 111-HAWAII AWARD which is given by Japanese people.

Peace Cafe is coming to Japan to provide vegan dishes which utilize the techniques of a Japanese cuisine chef and Hawaii based on the ideas of great “taste, fun and health”.

Area: Shibuya

Update: 2021/7/12


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