Organic Cafe, Community Cafe

Area: Oizumimachi, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

Serves additive-free dishes used with as many organic ingredients as possible. The vegan option, “Vegetable Dish,” is made with non-fertilized, organic genmai and around 15 different vegetables, served with a side of miso soup. You can also enjoy vegan desserts. The cafe latte option has soy milk.
Even if your kid doesn’t like veggies, the word of mouth is that here they will be able to eat them.

This place was made as a community for vegetarians, vegans, the LGBTQ community, minoritized communities, as well as those struggling with their health. Mameko Dining Yamunashi hopes to be a community cafe.

They also open events with different themes.

Updated: 21/8/4


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